Past to Future { Part 4 }

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Tessa screamed. It was quite a fall. At the bottom, there was Leonardo, examining some marks on the wall.

“Hmmm..” he said. “What is it?” Tessa asked. She examined to walls too. The marks looked like arrows that formed a little square, all pointing in the same direction…

” Hmmm…!” Tessa said excitedly. She ran her had over the wall, and felt a crack. She opened it. Ah ha! There was a secret passage! “Smart child! ” Leonardo said. They went through it.

On the other side was Leonardo’s workshop, and that caught both of them by surprise. What? How is that  POSSIBLE??? There wasn’t a hole in Leonardo’s workshop!

Even more surprising, was the fact that Lisa, Mona Lisa, was sitting calmly in a chair, staring out the window, waiting  for the arrival of Leonardo da Vinci.

Hey Yo! I wanted to finish this Past to Future story on Part 4, but I really wanted the most exciting part to be saved next time! Keep a look out on Part 5! 😛

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


{ Contest Champion Your Birthday } The Shout Out!


Yay! Today’s my birthday! Wheeeee!

And it’s also the day the contest of March ends. So the winner is…

LT : Her birthday is April 3rd. Good Job! You get a shout out! DEFINITELY go visit her blog at 🙂

Other contestants are:

Tayla, Bobby, ellietheoldsoul, funnystoriesbytigerwordspress, and Jesse.

Ok! Good Job to everyone! Wait for the new contest next month. 😉

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Reverbnation Browse

Reverbnation Browse! Please read carefully.

The music teacher at my school, Mrs. Garrett has an account on Reverbnation Browse. It’s a site that you put own written music on.

Mrs. Garrett’s musics are great! I was bored today, and I wanted to listen to a few. And the children who were singing were my class, Mrs. Garret’s class, and Mr. Campbell’s (another teacher) class! Gods, we sound AWESOME! ( I think 🙂 )

So you have to go on! Search up ‘Reverbnation Browse’ go on it’s Search, and write ‘ Susan Garrett’ at the bottom it says : Children  Richmond, BC CA

Listen to our music! There is ‘We are Canadian’, ‘Sail Away’, ‘We Remember’, and MANY more!

Thanks for listening! ( IF you did) 😛

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

The Story of my Life { Part 2 }

” But I don’t wanna go to French immersion!” Sherry whined.

Her parents decided to insert Sherry to a French immersion school, Henry Anderson.

“It’s okay! You will make a lot of friends!” her mother said patiently.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Uh! First day of school! Sherry looked in the mirror. She was wearing a pink skirt, and had her princess watch on. What else needed perfection? She had to look her best on her first day.

” Hello, my darling! What’s your name?” Mrs. Law, her teacher said. She shook Sherry’s hand.

They started off learning only one French word: Bonjour, which meant Hello. When Sherry was about to leave, her teacher taught her another French word: Au Revoir, which meant Good-Bye.

“Au Revoir!”

Kindergarten was good. They had a few performances, and Sherry friend Joy was in the same class! She had one unpleasant memory with her that Sherry will never forget…

* * *

“Ha ha!” Joy and Sherry laughed. They were hiding behind a teacher, trying to get her attention, but she still didn’t notice! They made sounds with their tongue, and that trick worked. The teacher spun around, Joy and Sherry were caught my surprise. They accidentally knocked into each other! Ouch! Joy’s front teeth hit Sherry’s head. They just moaned, and sat on the bench, though nobody, even the teacher noticed. It was silence after that.

When it was time to go home, Sherry and Joy didn’t even mind to say goodbye to their teacher, and ran to their moms. They cried. The pain!

Sherry’s mom put a bandage on Sherry’s head. It was bleeding. Same with Joy’s teeth.

 * * * *

Ah! After Kindergarten, Sherry thought the ‘learning’ part of her life was over. But No! Grade 1 is starting, Sherry! Gather up your strengths…Ready? You’re off to a new start!

Want to hear my story of Grade 1? Wait for Part 3 next week! Hope you liked the story so far!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Blog Award ^_^

OK…so I saw many people doing this, and I have no idea how it’s SUPPOSED to be done, but…whatever (LOL) . Let’s get started!

I wanted to recommend a few awesome blogs around. And that would be the blog award, to whoever that I nominated.

Great Job, bloggers! 😀






Haha, all my nominators are GIRLS! Go girls!

Also, please understand that you are not rated the way your order is in. I just wrote the first that popped into my mind. You ALL have awesome blogs!!!

Now, I want to ask a few questions:

  1. How important do you find your blog? Rate 1-10
  2. Why did you want to start a blog?
  3. Have you ever had a crush before?
  4. Have you ever though like: Oh, why did I start a blog??? Such a waste of time! Ugh!
  5. How honored do you feel with this blog award?

Ok! I guess this is the end. You’re Welcome, nominators! You’re Welcome! 😛

Smile, 🙂

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Do It Together

Hey Everyone! This is another Do it Together post. Let’s get started!!! 😛

Once upon a time there was a house that can walk. It met and old man, and asked him to live inside it. The old man…

Bobby says: …lived there for one day before the house pooped on his head and he died of stinkness…

Funnystoriesbytiger says:..and called the police…

OK, this story is off to a very weird start. Though, what could I say? Continue it!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

The Story of my Life

Promise me. Do not copy. Or else you will get in some serious trouble. Trust me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Story of my Life. Let’s get started! I will be writing about my life, starting from when I was a baby…


“Oh! She’s so cute!”



“Can I be the first to hug her?”

Haha, all the attention! Though Sherry had no idea about it. She was busy crying like a lunatic.

Coming back from the hospital, Sherry lived in a small town in China. Her family wasn’t that rich, so her life wasn’t that great, starting. Not long after, Sherry’s family moved into a room in an apartment in the city of Quanzhou, China. She lived with her grandparents. Sherry was sent to preschool a few times, and she didn’t really like it…

In Preshool, when Sherry was ONLY 1, she had to learn and memorize poems in Chinese. They also sang songs. Sherry had to have her naps beside her teacher. Each student had their own chair, Sherry’s was blue

When Sherry was 1, her family moved to Canada, in the province of BC, Richmond. And that was where she started living ever since. She did go back to China for a few visits.

Sherry entered Montessori at the age of 3. She made friends, Stephanie and Joy. They always played together. Soon after, Sherry made a new friend…Angel! They met in a weird way…

“Wash, wash, wash! Wash your hands!” said the teacher.Sherry was in line, waiting to wash her hands. Then, she accidentally bumped into the girl in front of her. The girl turned around. “Sorry!” Sherry said. The girl smiled. “It’s okay!” she said, jumping up and down. “My name is Angel!” she said in a sing-song voice. There was silence after that. “Let’s be friends!” Angel said. Sherry nodded. “Okay!”

Ha ha, meeting in the washroom! Well, Sherry and Angel did become really REALLY good friends.

There was once a play in Montessori. Sherry and Angel and another girl called Dawa acted as the fairies. The were doing a play about the zoo. In the end, they sang a song. Sherry and Angel got the microphone!

It was good years in Montessori. There were good days and bad days.

As Sherry grew, Elementary school came in the way, and she was about to start a new life, a new future ahead…

Part 2 will be coming out soon. Keep a look out! I will be writing one every week. Thanks!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Asking for Bravery

Have you ever been so scared, you wanted bravery so badly? It happens to me so often, since I am always scared. My name is Jason. This is my story.

I always ask my mom, why am I basically feared of everything? My mom said that was the way I was born. Ugh, I don’t like being scared. But I’m just like that. I hate that answer.

Today I woke up, ready to start my day. Since it was winter, the room wasn’t as bright. I started shivering, and hid under my covers. What if there’s a ghost out there? With no choice, I put my covers over my head and slowly, without a sound, walked to the light switch. I flicked it on, and— Whew, there was no ghost. Thank the gods.

When I arrived at school, my teacher Mrs.Lee said there would be a math quiz. Oh no! I wasn’t prepared. I felt like I was turned inside out. Beads of sweat appeared at my forehead. When Mrs.Lee gave me my test sheet I was feared to death. Well, almost death. I started crying. I know a boy shouldn’t cry, but I was too scared. I was too scared to get a bad mark.

Mrs.Lee did talk to me, but that didn’t make me feel better. She said I need to be brave.  There are many other things like this that happened, like the time when my friend hid behind the wall and scared me, and I instantly fainted; the time when I was scared to go to the washroom in the middle of the night on my own; the time when I was scared to sleep alone in my room.

Well, that was years ago, and now I’m me. I got braver. I wasn’t that scared anymore. My name is Jason. This was my story, asking for Bravery.

Learn from stories,

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Recommended { Tayla’s Blog }

Hold on, before I get started, let me tell you…I know I’m supposed to follow my routine, but I think I should start it on Monday. So, whatever.

I have this great friend called Tayla, and she has a blog too! She does many cool things. She writes stories, do her opinions, journals, mysteries… be sure to check it out! Especially her mystery!

Go to this link:

It’s great!!! 🙂

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