The Missing Pet

It was summer break, and all the children were happily playing, but there was a problem at Daniel’s house…

“I can’t find it anywhere!” Daniel cried. His pet mouse was missing, and he couldn’t find it. “Have you checked the closet?” his mother asked. “Yes.” “Under the bed?” “Yes.” “Behind the curtains?” “Um, yes.” Daniel lied. What kind of pet would hide behind a curtain anyway? He thought. “Then I don’t know.” said his mother. “We basically dumped the whole house, and that little mouse gave me a lot of work to do! You know, I don’t want to be Cinderella!” Daniel flopped on his bed, very frustrated. What if he flushed himself down the toilet? he thought. His hair was a mess, and tears were streaming out of his blue eyes. “I’ll never find him.” he said sadly.

Daniel woke up after crying somewhere in the middle of the night. What? It’s already MIDNIGHT? I didn’t even had dinner yet! he thought. As he looked around the dark room, something behind the curtains caught his eyes. Daniel squinted. What was THAT? “Wait, is that a body?” Daniel slowly walked towards the window, when he saw two eyes staring back at him. “Ah!” Daniel screamed as quietly as possible. He backed away, ran towards the bed and hid under the covers for the rest of the night.

The next day Daniel’s mom came to wake Daniel up. “Honey, its time to wake up! I made your favorite strawberry and pancake with whipped cream! And orange juice!” She looked at Daniel, and her smile slowly faded into a scowl. “Daniel Tristan Carter!” Daniel’s mother said. “I don’t like pranks in the morning! So stop looking at the wall like you just seen a ghost!” She looked back at Daniel. “Daniel!” Daniel jerked his head in his mother direction. “WHAT?” Daniel said, Her mother sighed and said, “Just go get some breakfast!” and she walked out the door.

The same thing happened the next night and the night after that. Daniel kept seeing those beady little eyes staring at him. He thinks it’s his imagination, but its just seems so real. One day, Daniel absolutely can’t help it anymore. “Okay,here goes nothing.” and pulled opened the curtains. What he saw made him gasp. What was it?

It was little and it was gray. It had cute ears and beady little eyes. It was his mouse!

Daniel was so happy! He was jumping on the bed, totally thrilled. The little mouse, Squeak, was also really happy to see his owner. They were finally reunited.

{Fairytale Adventure} Little Red Riding Hood


You would not believe what magical adventure I had yesterday!

I was just getting ready for bed that night, when my little brother just suddenly barged into my room. “Ah!” I yelled. My voice was so loud the whole neighborhood could of heard me. “You, you jerk! ” I yelled angrily at him. “I’ve told you millions of times to just knock on my door instead of just barging in like that!” He smiled sheepishly at me. “Sorry.” he said, “I just wanted to see if you were asleep yet.” We both looked at the clock. It was 11:59 pm. Just as my brother turned to leave the room, the clock chimed for 12:00. Just as it finished the last chime, it started glowing. You heard me right! It was GLOWING. Then it started swirling, faster and faster, until it was a blur. I rubbed my eyes to see if they were playing tricks on me. No. I hit my forehead to see if I was in a dream. No. The clock then started sucking me in, like a vacuum. My brother turned around just as he saw my head disappear. His eyes were wide. He ran back into my room and jumped into the glowing clock.

THUMP. “Ow!” me and my brother said in unison. We had landed somewhere. Hard. I slowly stood up, still a bit dizzy from the fall. All around us were trees. Trees, trees, and more trees. It looks like we’re in some kind of forest. “Where are we?” my brother asked, rubbing his head. “I know Canada very well, but I have no idea where this is.” He was right. There was nowhere in Canada where there were this much trees. “Where did that stupid clock take us to?” he said angrily. “United States? China? Out of the World? When is mom gonna come look for us?” He stomped his foot and groaned. I didn’t say anything. I was lost in my own thoughts. A few seconds later, something caught my brother’s eyes.  “Look! Who is that?” he said. I turned to look. He was pointing to a little girl in a red cape that was skipping down the road happily. She was also carrying  a basket of treats. Me and my brother stared at each other. “Um,are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked as his voice rose higher. I slowly nodded my head. “So, that might be Little Red Riding Hood?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. We looked back at the little girl. It had matched perfectly. She looked exactly like the Little Red Riding Hood in our story book. 

Little Red Riding Hood had blond hair that was put in braids, light blue eyes, and, oh my, it looks like she loves red! She was wearing a red cape (obviously), a red dress, a red coat, red socks and red shoes. even the hair ties for her braids are red.

Me and my brother approached her. Little Red Riding Hood saw us in our pajamas and gasped. “Oh my! What soft clothing you have! Oh my! what beautiful black hair you have! Oh my, oh my, oh my!” She just went on and on and on about things that were amazing. To her.

My brother looked absolutely insane! He stopped her by yelling “OK,RED GIRL, LISTEN UP! STOP SAYING OH MY! OH MY! OH MY! IT’S DRIVING ME INSANE!” There was silence after that. “Oh my! I’m sorry!” she said, laughing it off. “You see, that’s a habit of mine.” she giggled again and flashed on a big smile. “Um, hi! Nice to meet you! I’m the Great Red Riding Hood, and I’m on my way to Grandma’s to give her these treats!” She held the basket up with pride and posed dramatically. My brother turned to me with a look that said,”This girl is definitely crazy!” I covered my mouth to keep from laughing.

“Hi!” I said, “My name is Sherry, and this is my brother Henry.” “I just hate it when I’m the only boy in the group.” “Well, your not!” said a voice that belonged to neither me, Red, or Henry. We turned around, and saw a huge WOLF. “Ah!” the three of us screamed. We took of running right away. “Not again!” Red said. What did she mean by again? I don’t remember the wolf chasing her twice in the book. I thought. “Why do people always eat each other in fairy tales?” Henry asked as tears streamed down his cheek. We stopped running until we realized that the wolf wasn’t even chasing us. He was standing at the same spot laughing his head of. Whoever that was under the costume took of her mask, pointed at us and said, “Got ya!” and kept on laughing. Red was absolutely shocked. “Grandma? ” she asked. Red’s grandma gestured for Red to come and said “Ha,ha,ha! That was fun! Come here sweetheart! Yes, its grandma!” Red ran over to her grandma and said “Oh my! Grandma, what was that for? You almost scared me to death!”  Grandma coughed and said “Ha. if the Big Bad Wolf could pretend to be me, why can’t I pretend to be him too?” Red also started laughing herself.

Me and my brother stared at each other in shock. “The original story was already over?” my brother said, “So this is part 2!” Me and my brother nodded. Everything made sense now. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma went over to us and said, “Would you like to join us for tea?” We nodded. And all of us slowly walked back to her house.

Just as we where almost there, a little voice inside my head said, “Sherry! Henry! Its time to go home!” I was pretty freaked out by that. I think my brother had heard it too, because he asked me “Did you hear that too, or is my head playing tricks on me?” But before we could say anything else, the fairy tale world had disappeared right before our eyes.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! That was weird!” My brother said as he leaned on the wall in my room. “Okay, the last thing I remembered was going to Red’s house to have tea when we came here!” “Shush!” I whispered-shouted. “Your gonna wake up mom and dad!” My brother then realized that we were back at the house. We didn’t move for a moment. “Oh my! what an adventure!” I said, pretending to be Red. Me and my brother laughed. “Oh my, oh my, oh my!” we said.

The Legend of The Blue Sapphire

Have you heard of the legend of the blue sapphire? It’s a dangerous legend that some people still believe in.

Well, it begins with a little girl called Florence, and she owns a beautiful blue sapphire. She used this sapphire as a good luck charm and always had it in her pocket. This sapphire glows in the dark, and would shine brightly under the sun. It seems like a beautiful sapphire, doesn’t it? But what Florence doesn’t know is that this sapphire is cursed. It was once an evil witch’s most prized possession. The evil witch had said that whoever that owns this sapphire, would turn evil. That happened when Florence when she was going to the park to meet her friends, Anna and Clara. On the way, she was skipping happily, humming to herself. When suddenly, she stopped. Her heart turned cold, and she let out a mean little laugh. She was turning evil. She ran in the opposite direction, laughing all the way. What was she up to? We never knew. When she was running, the blue sapphire slipped out of her pocket, and the curse ended.

Florence then stopped. She blinked her eyes and said “Am I out of my mind? The park is the other way!” Then she ran away.

What about the blue sapphire? No one knows. It is said that it was found by by someone else, and it was passed down ever since. Have you heard of the legend of the blue sapphire before? Is it in your possession?

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Kristy looked out her window. She wasn’t as calm as usual, she felt lost. She just moved into this new town. She doesn’t have any friends. “What’s the matter, Kristy?” asked her mother worriedly. Kristy smoothed her long, blond hair , and tears prickled her ocean blue eyes. “I don’t have any friends.” she said sadly. “I’m tired of being lonely,Mom.” “That’s all right.” said her mother as she walked towards Kristy. “It takes time to make friends. Why don’t you take a deep breath, and go to the playground for awhile.” Kristy sighed deeply. “Okay”. she said quietly.

As Kristy was on her way to the playground, she saw cars racing across the street, people carrying grocery bags, and kids playing in their backyards. Finally, she reached the playground. Kristy looked around. the playground was big and she saw a girl about her age playing alone on the swings. The girl has black hair, brown eyes, and is wearing an orange T-shirt and blue jeans. The girl saw her and stopped swinging. She looks lonely. Kristy thought . Maybe she is also new here. Kristy made her way towards the girl, But she was too scared. Instead, she walked away.

“I’m back!” Kristy called when she opened the door the her house. She was still thinking about the girl she saw at the playground. “Did anything new happen?” asked her mother with a curious smile. “Yes!” replied Kristy excitedly. And told her mother about what happened. “I’m going to the playground again tomorrow!” she said.

The next day, Kristy gulped down her breakfast, and rushed to the playground. On the way she was huffing and puffing, and when she finally reached the playground, she saw the girl she saw yesterday. Kristy took a deep breath, walked towards the girl and said “Hi! my name is Kristy.” She extended her hand for a handshake. “Are you also new here?” The girl nodded her head, shook her hand, but didn’t say anything. I guess she’s a bit shy. Kristy thought. “What’s your name?” Kristy asked in wonder. “My name is Kelly.” the girl said. There was an awkward silence after that, but then Kelly sighed. “I don’t have any friends, though.” she said. Kristy nodded her head. “Me too.” she said. Then an awesome idea popped in her head. With her eyes shining, she asked “Kelly, you look lonely, do you want to be my friend?” Kelly stared at her for a moment, while Kristy’s heart was beating a thousand times a second. Please say yes, please say yes! She thought nervously. A smile slowly appeared on Kelly’s face. “Sure!” she said happily. They smiled at each other.

Kristy went home with a big smile on her face. “You look really happy!” said her mother. “What happened?” Kristy told her mother about Kelly, and at last she said “I finally made a friend!”

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