Kristy looked out her window. She wasn’t as calm as usual, she felt lost. She just moved into this new town. She doesn’t have any friends. “What’s the matter, Kristy?” asked her mother worriedly. Kristy smoothed her long, blond hair , and tears prickled her ocean blue eyes. “I don’t have any friends.” she said sadly. “I’m tired of being lonely,Mom.” “That’s all right.” said her mother as she walked towards Kristy. “It takes time to make friends. Why don’t you take a deep breath, and go to the playground for awhile.” Kristy sighed deeply. “Okay”. she said quietly.

As Kristy was on her way to the playground, she saw cars racing across the street, people carrying grocery bags, and kids playing in their backyards. Finally, she reached the playground. Kristy looked around. the playground was big and she saw a girl about her age playing alone on the swings. The girl has black hair, brown eyes, and is wearing an orange T-shirt and blue jeans. The girl saw her and stopped swinging. She looks lonely. Kristy thought . Maybe she is also new here. Kristy made her way towards the girl, But she was too scared. Instead, she walked away.

“I’m back!” Kristy called when she opened the door the her house. She was still thinking about the girl she saw at the playground. “Did anything new happen?” asked her mother with a curious smile. “Yes!” replied Kristy excitedly. And told her mother about what happened. “I’m going to the playground again tomorrow!” she said.

The next day, Kristy gulped down her breakfast, and rushed to the playground. On the way she was huffing and puffing, and when she finally reached the playground, she saw the girl she saw yesterday. Kristy took a deep breath, walked towards the girl and said “Hi! my name is Kristy.” She extended her hand for a handshake. “Are you also new here?” The girl nodded her head, shook her hand, but didn’t say anything. I guess she’s a bit shy. Kristy thought. “What’s your name?” Kristy asked in wonder. “My name is Kelly.” the girl said. There was an awkward silence after that, but then Kelly sighed. “I don’t have any friends, though.” she said. Kristy nodded her head. “Me too.” she said. Then an awesome idea popped in her head. With her eyes shining, she asked “Kelly, you look lonely, do you want to be my friend?” Kelly stared at her for a moment, while Kristy’s heart was beating a thousand times a second. Please say yes, please say yes! She thought nervously. A smile slowly appeared on Kelly’s face. “Sure!” she said happily. They smiled at each other.

Kristy went home with a big smile on her face. “You look really happy!” said her mother. “What happened?” Kristy told her mother about Kelly, and at last she said “I finally made a friend!”

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