The Legend of The Blue Sapphire

Have you heard of the legend of the blue sapphire? It’s a dangerous legend that some people still believe in.

Well, it begins with a little girl called Florence, and she owns a beautiful blue sapphire. She used this sapphire as a good luck charm and always had it in her pocket. This sapphire glows in the dark, and would shine brightly under the sun. It seems like a beautiful sapphire, doesn’t it? But what Florence doesn’t know is that this sapphire is cursed. It was once an evil witch’s most prized possession. The evil witch had said that whoever that owns this sapphire, would turn evil. That happened when Florence when she was going to the park to meet her friends, Anna and Clara. On the way, she was skipping happily, humming to herself. When suddenly, she stopped. Her heart turned cold, and she let out a mean little laugh. She was turning evil. She ran in the opposite direction, laughing all the way. What was she up to? We never knew. When she was running, the blue sapphire slipped out of her pocket, and the curse ended.

Florence then stopped. She blinked her eyes and said “Am I out of my mind? The park is the other way!” Then she ran away.

What about the blue sapphire? No one knows. It is said that it was found by by someone else, and it was passed down ever since. Have you heard of the legend of the blue sapphire before? Is it in your possession?

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