The Missing Pet

It was summer break, and all the children were happily playing, but there was a problem at Daniel’s house…

“I can’t find it anywhere!” Daniel cried. His pet mouse was missing, and he couldn’t find it. “Have you checked the closet?” his mother asked. “Yes.” “Under the bed?” “Yes.” “Behind the curtains?” “Um, yes.” Daniel lied. What kind of pet would hide behind a curtain anyway? He thought. “Then I don’t know.” said his mother. “We basically dumped the whole house, and that little mouse gave me a lot of work to do! You know, I don’t want to be Cinderella!” Daniel flopped on his bed, very frustrated. What if he flushed himself down the toilet? he thought. His hair was a mess, and tears were streaming out of his blue eyes. “I’ll never find him.” he said sadly.

Daniel woke up after crying somewhere in the middle of the night. What? It’s already MIDNIGHT? I didn’t even had dinner yet! he thought. As he looked around the dark room, something behind the curtains caught his eyes. Daniel squinted. What was THAT? “Wait, is that a body?” Daniel slowly walked towards the window, when he saw two eyes staring back at him. “Ah!” Daniel screamed as quietly as possible. He backed away, ran towards the bed and hid under the covers for the rest of the night.

The next day Daniel’s mom came to wake Daniel up. “Honey, its time to wake up! I made your favorite strawberry and pancake with whipped cream! And orange juice!” She looked at Daniel, and her smile slowly faded into a scowl. “Daniel Tristan Carter!” Daniel’s mother said. “I don’t like pranks in the morning! So stop looking at the wall like you just seen a ghost!” She looked back at Daniel. “Daniel!” Daniel jerked his head in his mother direction. “WHAT?” Daniel said, Her mother sighed and said, “Just go get some breakfast!” and she walked out the door.

The same thing happened the next night and the night after that. Daniel kept seeing those beady little eyes staring at him. He thinks it’s his imagination, but its just seems so real. One day, Daniel absolutely can’t help it anymore. “Okay,here goes nothing.” and pulled opened the curtains. What he saw made him gasp. What was it?

It was little and it was gray. It had cute ears and beady little eyes. It was his mouse!

Daniel was so happy! He was jumping on the bed, totally thrilled. The little mouse, Squeak, was also really happy to see his owner. They were finally reunited.


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