A True Friend

Once upon a time, there was a little goldfish called Goldie that lived in a fish bowl, with three other different fishes. Even though his owner put him with three other fish, Goldie was still really lonely. You see, the three little fish get along, but Goldie never seems to fit in. Since they’re different species. One day, as if the owner seems to understand, he bought another goldfish called Molly. As Molly entered the bowl, he spotted Goldie. Goldie was swimming around the cave. Molly happily swam over, and invited him to play.

After Molly came, Goldie’s life was better. Whenever the owner gave food, Molly would always let Goldie have more food. When they wanted to play hide and seek, Molly wound let Goldie pick if he wants to be “it”. Molly was a caring, adventurous, friend. A true friend.


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