A Halloween Story {The Haunted House}

There was a man, who’s soul didn’t want to leave the world yet, since he had died in a bad way. There was revenge that he was seeking. Someone had betrayed him. His soul was going to punish him. The ghost then went inside the house.

This house used to be a lovely home. It lived a family of two people, a man and his wife. The ghost went inside easily, since he was made of air and was invisible. First, it flicked the lights on and off, and that made everyone freeze. Then the ghost started screaming. The sound was piercing, and  the women passed out hearing it. The man ran towards the next room, but the ghost blocked him. It faintly appeared and disappeared, and the man was absolutely white-faced. Then the ghost went invisible again, and started moving things around. A chair got knocked over. And a flower vase shattered. The man was horrified. The ghost touched him, and that was the end of it. The man died from fear.

An amusing smile came to the ghost’s face. It’s revenge was complete.

This story had been passed around, and the house was said to be haunted. There was even news saying that the ghost would always linger by the window, waiting for the next person. Every year on Halloween night, there was spooky sounds to be heard from that house. The Haunted House.


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