We Both Have a Blog!

The door bell rang. Me and my brother rushed to open it. He pulled me back, and I pulled him back. He won, and when he opened the door, we saw a laughing Yoshier. She’s my best friend. She was laughing hysterically, probably by seeing how me and my brother fought for the door. Ugh. He’s such and embarrassment.

“Hi Yoshier!” I said cheerfully. But Yoshier acted as if she didn’t even hear me. “Guess what Sherry!” she said, jumping like a chihuahua. “I have a blog!” I was pretty surprised to hear that, but I feel proud at the same time. “Really?” I said. “Then lets go check it out now! C’mon!” I dragged Yoshier up the stairs, and when we got to the computer room, she said: http://www.starfriends4ever.wordpress.com” We looked at her blog for a few minutes, it was pretty interesting. Then, I gave her a high-five. “Congratulations!” I said, “Now we both have a blog!” We happily cheered.

Hi guys. Yes, it’s true. My best friend Yoshier(I know the name is weird) has her own blog. It looks pretty similar to mine, and I say that you should visit it at http://www.starfriends4ever.wordpress.com

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


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