The Flying Turtle

Once upon a time there was a turtle. It would always look up at the sky, looking at the birds, wishing he could fly too.

One day, a fairy flew by, and decided to grant the turtle a wish. The turtle wished to fly, so the fairy grew two wings on the turtle’s back. The turtle was so happy, it finally could fly! The turtle would fly into the sky everyday and play with the eagles and other birds in the sky. It was really enjoying it’s time.

Once, when the turtle was playing with his bird friends, the sound of a gun was heard,”Oh no! Oh no! The hunter’s here; the hunter’s here!” an eagle screamed frantically. All the birds in the sky dropped immediately, except for the flying turtle. “Everyone! It’s only a hunter! What’s so scary about that? We could just fly away!” Then, out of the blue, a gun bullet shot out, right at the flying turtle. In an instant, it fell to the ground.

This story teaches us that, even if you got what you want, don’t get too overreacted by it. Or it could lead to bad things.

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