The Vets got Rabies!

“Next patient!” Dr. Lia called out. A heavily breathing women rushed in, out of breath.” Th…this is my…my…duck. It…it looks ill! Doctor, please help!” Dr. Lia calmly took the duck, and said:”No worries. Come back in 48 hours.” The women nodded, and rushed out of the door. “Um, Dr. Melody? Please come. I need this duck to have a surgery. It looks like it has some sort of problem.” The surgeon, Dr. Melody, rushed over, and took the duck.

After a few hours, Dr. Melody went over to Dr. Lia. “I’m really sorry, Dr. Lia, but the duck got rabies! It’s unstoppable! It will as well die in five days!” she said worriedly. Doctor Lia sighed. “Take it to Nurse Lisa. Just let the duck rest there. I’ll deal with the rest.” Dr. Melody took the duck to Nurse Lisa, who tucked the duck safely in bed. “It’s going to be fine duck. It’s going to be fine.” Nurse Lisa gently petted the duck’s beak.

“Nurse Lisa!” Dr. Lia called out. “This rabbit has a high flu, can you pl-” Dr. Lia stopped short. Nurse Lisa was lying on the bed, the duck still in her hand, but was as still as a statue. Yellow spots was all over her, and she seemed to have fainted. “NURSE LISA!” Dr.Lia called out, horrified. Dr. Melody came rushing in, a worried look on her face. “Dr. Lia? Is everything all right? What-” Dr. Melody stopped in mid sentence. “I didn’t know what happened! When I came in, Nurse Lisa was like this!” Dr. Lia said with teary eyes. The two doctor tucked the rabbit in bed, and looked at the video camera from the ceiling. In the video, Nurse Melody was nicely taking care of the duck, and lightly petted it’s beak. Instead of being kind back, the duck bit Nurse Lisa on the hand, and she instantly fainted. Yellow spots slowly covered her body. “Oh no!” Dr. Lia said “Nurse Lisa got the rabies from the duck! We have to do something!” Dr. Melody picked up the duck, ready to get rid of it. But as soon as she touched it, she fell into a deep sleep, just like Nurse Lisa.

Now Dr. Lia was all alone, and she was terrified.

How can we help Dr. Lia? Will Dr.Melody and Nurse Lisa die from the rabies? Is it forever unstoppable? The story of The Vets got Rabies! Part 2 will come out soon. Wish the doctor the best of luck.


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