Past to Future

Tessa lay down on her bed. She just finished a fantasy book about traveling in the past and future, and she wished that she could too. Only if magic was real, She thought. I wish I could travel between the past and future. Before she knew it,Tessa fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was already past midnight. Tessa groggily sat up, and ruffled her blond hair. It was dark, but as soon as her eyes adjusted, Tessa noticed that in the center of her room was a glowing ball of light. Curious,Tessa slowly and carefully made her way towards the ball of light. As soon as she grabbed it, the light grew brighter, and she felt like she was being pulled towards it. In the blink of an eye, Tessa’s room disappeared, replaced by the new environment.

Amazed, Tessa slowly took in her environment. There were rolling green hills and colorful flowers all around her, and evergreen trees stood as far as the eye could see. She still had her own clothes though. “Wow,” Tessa said, really surprised. “What is this place?” Suddenly, there were noise in the distance. Tessa turned around, and found that behind her was a small town. As Tessa slowly made her way towards it, she saw that the town had many old fashioned looking people. Their clothes looked very different that her’s. Am I in another country? she thought. Where?

Tessa neared the town more and more, and people around her stared suspiciously at her, but Tessa was too busy looking around to notice. By their stands, people sold flowers and vases, bread and cheese, and many others. The more Tessa walked into town, the busier it became. Suddenly, without looking at where she was going, Tessa walked right into a man.

” My, children, be careful with where you’re going! Really busy here!” Tessa looked up, and saw an old man staring down at her. The man wore an artist’s hat, and looked somewhat familiar to Tessa. She sworn she had seen him somewhere. “Well, well, well,” the man said. “Let me introduce myself. Greetings, I’m Leonardo Da Vinci.”

Tessa gasped. How could it be?

Tessa was just an ordinary eleven-year-old girl. How is it possible for her to go back to the year of 1500s? Is magic really real? Did she really traveled back to the past? Past to Future Part 2 will come out soon. Just wait and see.

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