Just Take That as a Joke!

Kelly watched as Cindy, her best friend, tied her skates on beside her, ready to go on the ice and win the hockey game. “And…There! Now we’re done! Kelly, any good luck words to say? This will be a tough game!” Cindy said as she stood up. Kelly shifted from side to side. ’Um… Good luck, I guess?” She said with a smug grin. Cindy smiled, and turned around, ready to get on the ice. The game was starting in five minutes. “Oh! By the way, break a leg!” Kelly shouted as Cindy went on the ice. Cindy looked back with a puzzled look, but she still nodded.

It was only a few minutes before the game started, when Kelly watched from afar and saw that Cindy, sitting on the ice, was banging her leg on the ice. Hard. Every player stopped playing, and looked at her. Just as the coach ran over, Cindy stopped banging her leg, and winced painfully. The coach said a few words to her, and escorted her off the ice. Kelly just watched, having no idea why Cindy would do such a stupid thing. She decided to meet Cindy at the girls’ change room.

Kelly entered the change room, and saw Cindy sitting on a chair, a white wrap around her leg. “Cindy!” Kelly ran over to her friend, and looked at her with worried eyes. “Cindy, why did you do that, banging your leg on the ice! What’s the condition now, what happened to your leg?” Cindy winced and said:”Oh. I broke a bone. I broke a leg.” “Cindy! Then why would you do such a stupid thing?” Cindy shrugged, “Well…you told me to break a leg.” After hearing this, Kelly felt stunned and confused at the same time. “Really? C’mon, just take that as a joke!”


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