The Vets got Rabies! { Part 2 }

Dr. Lia immediately bend down and examined the doctor and nurse. More and more yellow spots appeared on their skin. But lucky for her, since her dad told her a secret way to cure rabies. The secret was not revealed to the world yet. But Dr. Lia grabbed the magical fire rock and did the trick.

A few hours later, Dr. Melody and Nurse Lisa slowly woke up, and Dr. Lia told them everything. But the only mystery is that- how did the duck get rabies?

When they finished reporting the issue to the police, they found out that the owner of the duck (she got brought to jail) had given it a rabies shot, and it eventually got the rabies.

Now the vets were all well, and the cure to stop rabies was spread to the doctors and around the world.


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