Chance for a Challenge{Remembrance Day}

Hi everyone! It’s almost Remembrance Day, and I want to do a challenge about it. This is not a contest, shout outs won’t be given, it’s just a challenge to have fun with.

Since poppies are a symbol of remembrance day, I made up a challenge called ” Draw the Poppies”. On remembrance day, when you finished celebrating(if you do) get a paper,pencil, and timer(you can just use a clock) to get ready for the challenge. Set the timer for one-minute. In a minute, try to draw as much poppies as you can, and comment down below how much you drew. I will also do this challenge, and yes, I will also post a comment on how much I got.

If you prefer a more challenging challenge, just comment down below and tell me! Have fun trying this challenge!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

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