Keep Trying

“Class! Now I will give out your math tests! Most of you did really well,while some of you didn’t do so good.” The teacher gave me a quick glance. Then she started giving out the tests. “Leo…Jasmine…Rachel…” At the sound of my name, I stood up and got my test sheet. I looked at it, and my shoulders slumped. Yeah, I knew I would get a bad mark. At least I did better than last time.

Rachel never does good in school. She keeps trying and trying, and it only changed a bit of her mark. Rachel was the worst in math. She hated math, and math probably hated her too.

On the way back home, Rachel was sure that she had to change this. Every time, she would promise herself to do harder, but she never keeps that promise. But this time, her mind was absolutely made up, and no matter what, she will keep trying.

The next week…

“This is our second math test of the month class! I got them all marked, and, everyone did pretty well. Especially…Rachel.” The teacher smiled at me and handed me my test. As soon as I got it I stared at it in shock. There was an “A” on the top of the paper, beside it was a happy face. I knew that the teacher was really happy with what I got. I made it, by keep trying.

Rachel is a confident girl. Even in the worst condition, even when she felt like the whole world was against her, she never stopped trying. You have to keep trying, keep trying until you reached your goal. Believe in yourself, and never give up hope.


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