Recommended { Kumon }

I know what I’m about to write might seem too adult-ish, but I recommend parents to take their child to a place called Kumon.

First, I have to say that I’m sorry, to the kids. Most kids dislike Kumon, and it often annoys them.

Kumon is a place that teaches reading and math, it brings intelligence to your mind. I’ve learned Kumon for almost 4 years, and it’s great. I learned new words, and my math is higher that what my grade was supposed to teach. Kumon had been really helpful these years.

The point of why my parents made be go to Kumon was because, in the start, my reading and math were both very behind. After learning Kumon, I not only caught up, but went over the top. Now I can read harder books and math seems easier to me.

Kumon gives me an automatic brain, helping me over the years, just like that.

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