It’s Just a Saying!

Alex’s best friend Owen was really good with lego. He can build whatever Alex said. Now they were walking around the school field, walking and talking. “Hey, you know yesterday my mom took me to this lego store that just opened! It was awesome! Even though it’s different kinds of lego, it was just a piece of cake.” Owen said. Hmm. Alex thought. A piece of cake. I never knew lego was cake! Eventually, Alex’s mind thinks a bit differently than others. Not dumb, but different.

After hearing this, Alex begged his mom to take him to the new lego store to taste the cake, but his mother said that he was crazy and that his birthday already past, no more cake. Alex groaned, and suddenly, a crazy idea came to his mind: Why don’t I just go by myself? I mean, it’s only a few blocks away. He thought. But no. If Alex’s mother finds out, he would be grounded for the rest of his life. Moments past, and Alex’s curiosity and hunger for the cake took the best of him. He had to taste the cake, even if it meant he broke a law and had to go to jail.

The next afternoon, while Alex’s mother was making an important phone call in her office, Alex quietly slid out the door and ran the few blocks to the store. Time was ticking.

When he got there, Alex was breathing very hard, but he was so glad that he was about to eat a cake. He caught his breath, and promptly walked into the store. He went straight to the lady at the counter and asked where the cake was. The lady frowned and said that there was no cake, since their store sold lego. After hearing this, Alex felt dumb and embarrassed. Why didn’t he think it through, lego stores never sold cake! Alex was also very mad at Owen, why would his best friend lie to him?

The next day at school, Alex stormed to Owen and said: “You liar! There was never a cake at that new lego store! My mom almost find out, but thank god she didn’t. But still! Why would you lie to me?” Owen looked stunned. “Wh-what? I never said there was cake at the lego store!” “YES YOU DID!” Alex yelled. “You were like, ‘Even though it’s different kinds of lego,it was just a piece of cake’.” Owen rolled his eyes.”Alex, it’s just a saying!”


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