Chance for a Challenge { No Thumb }

Who thinks their thumb doesn’t have much use? Well, take this challenge to find out!

As soon as you finish reading this, get tape and tape your thumb to your palm. Now that your thumb isn’t much use, try doing things!

If you want, you can have your thumb taped for as long as you like. But at least have it on for an hour.

Now, what can you do with your thumb? Can you type on the keyboard? Yes, but it will take a long time without your thumb. Can you do pushups? Hard without your thumb!

How did it go after one hour? Comment down below rating 1~10 how hard it was.

Now, do you think your thumb is useful?


4 thoughts on “Chance for a Challenge { No Thumb }

  1. I’m far too lazy to get tape and do this, but literally who thinks thumbs are useless? Human beings are the most developed species because we have thumbs and use them!
    P.S. I love your Christmassy theme here!


    • Thank You for complimenting for my theme! I know, I know our thumbs are very useful, my teacher gave out this challenge for our class to do. Everything was so hard without a thumb! Now that I know how really useful my thumb is, I just decided to put this challenge on my blog!
      Anyway, thanks for coming!


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