Past to Future { Part 2 }

Tessa just stared at Leonardo in shock, not knowing what to say or how to say it. The old man just stared down kindly at her, as if it was just another normal day when he met a fan that adored his paintings. Tessa slowly backed away from him as if Leonardo was about to strangle her. “Y-you sure your L-Leonardo? Da-da Vinci?” Tessa asked, horrified. Even thought she didn’t want to believe it, the truth was already before her. This man was Leonardo Da Vinci. Tessa was so happy, since she enjoyed painting a lot herself, but she just could never sit still and finish a painting in a day. She knows she can make it little by little, but she just didn’t have the patience for it.

After some time of cooling down, the truth finally settled in and Tessa decided ti just follow Leonardo around for the day. She didn’t know how to go back and she didn’t. Also, Leonardo seems like a kind man. “What’s your name, my girl?” Leonardo asked cheerfully. “Tessa.” Tessa said. “Tessa Shelton.” Leonardo nodded and looked at the sky. “Interesting name. Interesting…” The two kept walking, and Tessa had no idea where they where going. “Where are we going?” she blurted out. “Ah, yes. We are off to finish one of my paintings. The famous Mona Lisa, as I call it. It is my favorite painting of all, everyone is waiting for it.” Tessa’s eyes glimmered. She was going to see Leonardo paint the famous Mona Lisa painting!

After a while, they came to Leonardo’s workshop. It looked like it was afternoon, the perfect time to paint a painting. “Where is she?” Leonardo muttered as he entered his workshop. “She’s always here before me.” The two of them sat in a chair and had a little chat. Before they knew it, hours already passed, and Lisa was nowhere in sight. Leonardo stood up, now really worried. “She knew that she was supposed to be here!” he said, his hands in his hair. “This only happened once before, when Lisa didn’t come, but I hope this time it isn’t for the same reason.” “What reason?” Tessa asked, curious. “Last time,” Leonardo said with a sigh. “Lisa got kidnapped by a gang of bandits, for some reason. I’m not really sure, but at least she’s safe now.” “Or not,” Tessa said. “What if it happened again? What if Lisa got kidnapped again?” Leonardo pales, and Tessa knew she said the wrong thing. His expression just said: No. It can’t be.

Did you enjoy Part 2? Oh no, what really happened to Lisa? Mona Lisa? Wait for Part 3. The answers are in the future.



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