Something New { Advice Column }

Hi Everyone! I will be starting something new today. Eventually, there can be some problems in our life, and we might need some help of advice so I decided to start an advice column!

Whenever you have a problem or need advice, just comment down below and every week I will check on the comments and give you advice!

I really hope you like my idea of starting an advice column, since I thought I could help some of you to get through problems in your life. Also, please ask problems easy enough for a kid to answer!

Ask me soon!



11 thoughts on “Something New { Advice Column }

  1. Hi Miss-Know-It-All…
    This isn’t my problem but I will act as my friend. She has a problem.
    One day when someone asked her who her crush is, she said that she had to say her’s too. So they agreed and they figured that their crushes are the same! So the other girl told my friend that she wants it as a competition for who their crush likes better. But the two girls are really good friends and now they are like frenimies… So my friend feels really torn between her crush and her good friend. What should she do?


    • Dear Antartica2095,
      Thanks for being my first customer! Anyway, here’s your advice:
      I think you should ask your friend to talk to her friend about this problem. They could talk it through, and see what they can do. They could tell their crush, and ask him, but that isn’t the best. Ask your friend, who does she like better? Her crush or her friend? Friendship could be really important sometime. My best advice is, tell your friend to ignore her friend for some time, and try to spend more time around her crush. Maybe tell her crush that her friend has a crush on him! If you need better advice, feel free to ask. This is my first letter, by the way.
      Best of Luck,
      *P.S I swear, I am not Stories by Sherry. I am her friend, and she asked me to do the Miss-Know-It-All column 🙂


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