Chance for a Challenge { How Long Can U Stay Up? }

Tomorrow is New Year!!! I live in Canada, so it’s not New Year yet. Today’s challenge is: How Long Can You Stay Up? In China, families would stay up until 12:00 and do the countdown to New Year. Well, why don’t you try it? How long can you stay up? I will do this challenge myself, and I will share my answer with you. If you think it’s exciting to do this (The Countdown to New Year) You should definitely try this challenge.

I hope you will have fun!

~Stories by Sherry



Do You Believe in Santa?

This vote came out almost a month ago. There is a few more days until the deadline! Do you believe in Santa? Or do you not believe in Santa? Vote! So far we only have one vote. One! WE need you! Please, it wouldn’t be fun this way with only one vote.

Thanks for the support,

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


Hi! I am Pokey. I am a hedgehog, my owner is Stories by Sherry. I live in a glass tank. I am a female. I am spiky, but nice!

My spikes are yellow. I was bought from Stories by Sherry from a lady who used to be my owner. In my old house, I lived with my sister, and another Snowflake hedgehog. I kind of miss them, but I believe I will have a good life with Stories by Sherry, and I get a glass tank all to myself!

This isn’t me, just a picture of a hedgehog that looks like me…

Merry Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho! It’s Christmas! Did you get what you wanted from Santa? I didn’t. I asked for a hedgehog( I think hedgehogs are easier to take care than a hamster) but I didn’t get one. Instead, I got a hedgehog wheel! I was like, Santa, I’m not a hedgehog! But later in the day I found out that I actually did get my Christmas gift. My mom came up to me and said that we would be buying a hedgehog from her friend this afternoon. That means…I get a hedgehog! Thank you, Santa!

I hope you had a great winter holiday and a magical Christmas. Best wishes to ALL of you! ^_^

It’s Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve today! Tomorrow is Christmas! I am sooo excited. I can’t wait to get my presents. Also, the ‘Do you believe in Santa’ vote ends on Jan.1.2016 You better be fast! So far, we only have one vote. One! are you KA-RAY-ZEE? Come on people! It wouldn’t be fun without you!

Have a Merry Christmas! Tomorrow! ^_^

Christmas Haikus

Haikus don’t have to rhyme. They are simple poems that comes in a rhythm. The first line with 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the last line 5 syllables again. It is a poem with three lines. 5, 7, 5.   5, 7, 5.

A magical time

Filled with happiness and joy

Christmas comes today


It is Christmas Eve

Santa Claus comes with presents

“Ho, ho, ho,” he says



I hope you liked these haikus that I made up. I encourage you to make some of your own! ^_^