At the Volleyball Game…

Sara sighed as she entered the gym. Her class was playing a game of volleyball today, where the class is split in two, and the teams try to knock down each others pins with a volleyball. The volleyball net was up, which made it harder.

Sara was feared of balls. Once she got hit in the eye and she couldn’t open it. Another time she got hit in the lip, and it started bleeding. Sara hated volleyball! But it made her feel better when she was being put in the same team as her friends, Lana, Taylor, and Yania. They patted her back and said it would be fine.

The teacher blew the whistle and the game started. Sara stood in front of a pin, her heart beating rapidly. A ball came soaring over the net towards her, and instead of catching it, Sara screamed and covered her head. The ball hit the pin, and the team had three more pins left. Sara felt ashamed, She was letting her team down!

Two games ended, and each team got a point. Now it was time for the tiebreaker. The teacher blew the whistle, and Sara slowly made her way towards a pin. She didn’t want her team to lose. Winning was the only way that would make her feel better, especially since she barely helped with anything in the last two games. Sara’s heart was filled with confidence. She knew she could do it. She believed in herself. A ball came towards her like a rocket, but without hesitation Sara jumped up and caught it. She smiled, and threw the ball over the net. She was doing it!

The game was coming to an end, with each team having one pin left. Most of the people were crowded around the pin, protecting it. Others were throwing balls.

Sara caught a ball, and aimed it for the other team’s pin. All the people guarding their pin had their arms overhead, since people were throwing the balls over the net. A sly smiled came to Sara’s face. She quietly rolled the ball under the net, nobody even noticing. Sara stared at the ball as it rolled and prayed that it would hit the pin. And with a crash, the pin fell. Sara stared in amazement as everyone crowded around her, giving her high fives and pats one the back. The other team moaned and said it was a good game.

When the crowd was gone, Sara beamed at herself. Even though she had a fear of balls, even though she was a bad thrower, even though she hated volleyball so much— She was the one. She helped her team win. She, was the Champion.

The moral of this story is, even though you’re only a small part of the world, you can make a big difference. You might be small, but you could do something big that could change things. Like Terry Fox, he’s only a person in the world, but he helped raise money for cancer research, helped hundreds of people around the world, and now we still do what he did. Even when you’re a small group helping, you can make a big difference. Even a little could make a big difference. Believe in yourself.



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