Do You Believe in Santa?

This vote came out almost a month ago. There is a few more days until the deadline! Do you believe in Santa? Or do you not believe in Santa? Vote! So far we only have one vote. One! WE need you! Please, it wouldn’t be fun this way with only one vote.

Thanks for the support,

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


10 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Santa?

  1. No I don’t believe in Santa. It was all made up because of someone who made it a point of duty to give out gifts on Christmas Eve especially to children. That person is dead and gone, and Santa Claus is just his story still living on. Even the movies show us that parents sneak to put the presents under the Christmas tree and later lie to the kids that Santa put it there! ☺☺

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  2. Yes, but I don’t believe he is a human figure. He is a sprit, who does not deliver gifts, but grants us the money and ability to buy the gifts. If he’s not real, I’ll jump off a cliff.


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