The Winners { Shout Outs! }

Because nobody joined the tongue twister challenge, I would be changing it so there will still be Shout Outs given.

Now, two bloggers also gave two other tongue twisters for me to try.

Tongue Twister from Kaushal’s Perspectivism: Mr. See and Mr. Saw.

One day Mr. See saw see and Mr. Saw didn’t see sea. See saw sea and jumped in the sea. Saw didn’t see sea but jumped in the sea. See saw Saw in see and Saw saw See in sea. See saw both Saw and see and both Saw & See were happy to see sea!

Tongue Twister from iamabloggertoo:  She sells seashells on the sea shore.

Whoa, complicated!

Congratulations! Kaushal’s Perspectivism and iamabloggertoo deserves SHOUT OUTS!  Definitely go check out their blog, and have fun trying the Tongue Twisters!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


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