WordPress Chat


Many of my classmates, Tiger, Terence, Bobby…they always chat on my blog. And it takes me a million years for me to delete them. They’re all junk. So, guys, if you want to chat, chat HERE! IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST! CHAT ALL YOU WANT!

Got it?

~Stories by Sherry ^_^



154 thoughts on “WordPress Chat

  1. IMPORTANT! Come to my wordpress chat and look at the one about Donald Trump! AND IF YOU DON’T…
    Please comment to tell me you looked at it!!


  2. No. Sherry, don’t you dare tell Austin. I don’t care if the whole internet knows that I have a crush on Sherry or you.I only care that you don’t tell Austin. If you tell Austin, I am going to follow you when I am in the school. But good news for Sherry or you(Maybe) because I am leaving on March 21. FOREVER!!! I am leaving the school FOREVER!!!! So good luck😜


  3. Hey Sherry, bad news, my brother found out about this. Delete random comments with ramdom names. Also if you find something that I posted and it is weird, delete it. My brother ,might use my name to post comments.


  4. Im following the north star ,going to canada is so close, im running as slow as i can , running
    from the winny man.this is the new and improved version of swing low


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