I forever promise I will keep a promise. My name is Elizabeth. This is my story.

It was the day of my friend’s birthday. I was the only one that she invited, since I was her only friend. But, at the same time, my aunt and uncle were coming to visit all the way from Australia, and I hadn’t seen them in years. Also, they said they had a special surprise.

I was torn between the two. I really wanted to see the surprise, but I promised my friend I would go to her birthday party. I promised. And, if I didn’t go, her birthday would be ruined. She even said she bought a big mango cake for the two of us.

I finally made a decision. I will not go to the party, but that meant I broke the promise. I know she trusted me as a friend, but I guess I should just let our friendship break and ignore her. Whatever.

My aunt and uncle’s surprise wasn’t very surprising. It was a rare box of chocolate. Not very exciting.

The next day at school, I saw my friend. I tried to hide my face, but she came up to me, crying. “Elizabeth, why didn’t you come to the party? Why? I was just sitting at the table, waiting. I waited for hours!” Before I could say anything, she ran off.

I tried to forget about this, but it’s still in my head, after 12 years. I remembered the promise I broke. I remembered the friend I lost.

I forever promise I will keep a promise. My name is Elizabeth. This is my story.

I made this one up! I really enjoy reading and writing these kinds of realistic stories. Guess where they came from? The one and only awesome…Tayla! Thank you. You are totally getting a shout out:  EVERYONE! GO TO TAYLA’S BLOG AT ! You have to! Or else I’ll kill you! ( Just Joking, but still.) 🙂

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


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