Rumor has it… I won’t gossip AGAIN. EVER! Ok, I’ll calm down. My name is Alexa. This is my story.

“Hey, did you hear that Sophia Davis slipped on a Jell-O and fell flat on her face? Guess who told me? Reyna told me. She said Ella told her. Ella said Jessica told her. Jessica said Angie told her. Angie said Rachel–” I was cut short. “Ok already, Alexa! You know it’s kind of boring talking about these things every day? Let’s talk about something else.” Ada said, rolling her eyes.

I gave her the stink eye. I don’t know why but I just turned and walked away. I could feel her scowl, but Ada didn’t come after me. After a few weeks, we eventually broke up.

Though, even that, I still liked talking about rumors. Since I work for the school newspaper, I decided I could edit a few things about RUMORS. GOSSIP.

The next day, my other friend Zoe said Mia told her that I, Alexa kicked the principle, Mrs. Jones, in the butt. You could tell I was surprised. I put my hands on my hips. ” Zoe,” I said slowly. ” Who, told you that? ” Zoe slowly backed up. ” Okay, okay. Don’t get mad. Alexa! Emily told me!” I ran off to look for Emily.

Friends are like a train. Emily told me Jenny told her that, and Jenny said Yolanda told her that, and Yolanda said Bella told her that, and so on. But when I asked Amy…

“Amy, who told you the rumor that I kicked the principle in the butt?” I asked. “Oh. Ada told me.” she replied. I was caught off guard by hearing that. I stormed off. I’m getting you, Ada.

When I saw Ada walking in the hall with the popular girls, Simmy, Megan, and Hayley, I went up, to Ada, about to yell in her face, when Hayley said: ” Hey, Alexa? Ada told me you kicked Mrs. Jones in the butt? And got detention for a month?” The group started laughing. Ada had a smirk on her face.

They did hurt my feelings pretty bad. And I regretted telling Ada the rumor about Sophia. I get that rumors can hurt you.

I will never spread rumors again. Never.

My name is Alexa. This is my story.

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~Stories by Sherry ^_^


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