The Story of my Life { Part 2 }

” But I don’t wanna go to French immersion!” Sherry whined.

Her parents decided to insert Sherry to a French immersion school, Henry Anderson.

“It’s okay! You will make a lot of friends!” her mother said patiently.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Uh! First day of school! Sherry looked in the mirror. She was wearing a pink skirt, and had her princess watch on. What else needed perfection? She had to look her best on her first day.

” Hello, my darling! What’s your name?” Mrs. Law, her teacher said. She shook Sherry’s hand.

They started off learning only one French word: Bonjour, which meant Hello. When Sherry was about to leave, her teacher taught her another French word: Au Revoir, which meant Good-Bye.

“Au Revoir!”

Kindergarten was good. They had a few performances, and Sherry friend Joy was in the same class! She had one unpleasant memory with her that Sherry will never forget…

* * *

“Ha ha!” Joy and Sherry laughed. They were hiding behind a teacher, trying to get her attention, but she still didn’t notice! They made sounds with their tongue, and that trick worked. The teacher spun around, Joy and Sherry were caught my surprise. They accidentally knocked into each other! Ouch! Joy’s front teeth hit Sherry’s head. They just moaned, and sat on the bench, though nobody, even the teacher noticed. It was silence after that.

When it was time to go home, Sherry and Joy didn’t even mind to say goodbye to their teacher, and ran to their moms. They cried. The pain!

Sherry’s mom put a bandage on Sherry’s head. It was bleeding. Same with Joy’s teeth.

 * * * *

Ah! After Kindergarten, Sherry thought the ‘learning’ part of her life was over. But No! Grade 1 is starting, Sherry! Gather up your strengths…Ready? You’re off to a new start!

Want to hear my story of Grade 1? Wait for Part 3 next week! Hope you liked the story so far!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

8 thoughts on “The Story of my Life { Part 2 }

  1. Hey Sherry! For the you know what party, my mom is thinking about inviting Joy! We don’t know yet but…
    And don’t tell your family or Angel….


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