Reverbnation Browse

Reverbnation Browse! Please read carefully.

The music teacher at my school, Mrs. Garrett has an account on Reverbnation Browse. It’s a site that you put own written music on.

Mrs. Garrett’s musics are great! I was bored today, and I wanted to listen to a few. And the children who were singing were my class, Mrs. Garret’s class, and Mr. Campbell’s (another teacher) class! Gods, we sound AWESOME! ( I think 🙂 )

So you have to go on! Search up ‘Reverbnation Browse’ go on it’s Search, and write ‘ Susan Garrett’ at the bottom it says : Children  Richmond, BC CA

Listen to our music! There is ‘We are Canadian’, ‘Sail Away’, ‘We Remember’, and MANY more!

Thanks for listening! ( IF you did) 😛

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

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