{ Contest Champion Your Birthday } The Shout Out!


Yay! Today’s my birthday! Wheeeee!

And it’s also the day the contest of March ends. So the winner is…

LT :¬†Her birthday is April 3rd. Good Job! You get a shout out! DEFINITELY go visit her blog at http://www.linkthoughtsblog.wordpress.com ūüôā

Other contestants are:

Tayla, Bobby, ellietheoldsoul, funnystoriesbytigerwordspress, and Jesse.

Ok! Good Job to everyone! Wait for the new contest next month. ūüėČ

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Contest Champion { Your Birthday }

It is March! A few more weeks until my birthday! I can’t wait. I’m turning…haha, I’m not going to tell you! Internet safety. So there.

This month’s contest will be¬†Your Birthday.¬†

When is your birth date? PLEASE ¬†don’t put the year. It is for your safety. Whoever’s birthday that’s closest to mine wins a shout out! And I won’t tell you when my birthday is. So you’re not going to make one up! ( Though I doubt anyone won’t be honest. )

Ok! So that’s that. Let’s see who’s the Contest Champion! The deadline is on my birthday.

Good Luck,

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

The Winners { Shout Outs! }

Because nobody joined the tongue twister challenge, I would be changing it so there will still be Shout Outs given.

Now, two bloggers also gave two other tongue twisters for me to try.

Tongue Twister from¬†Kaushal’s Perspectivism:¬†Mr. See and Mr. Saw.

One day Mr. See saw see and Mr. Saw didn’t see sea. See saw sea and jumped in the sea. Saw didn’t see sea but jumped in the sea. See saw Saw in see and Saw saw See in sea. See saw both Saw and see and both Saw & See were happy to see sea!

Tongue Twister from iamabloggertoo:  She sells seashells on the sea shore.

Whoa, complicated!

Congratulations!¬†Kaushal’s Perspectivism¬†and¬†iamabloggertoo¬†deserves SHOUT OUTS! ¬†Definitely go check out their blog, and have fun trying the Tongue Twisters!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Contest Champion { Your Valentine }

Hey Guys! This is the contest for February, Your Valentine.

How many valentines did you get on Valentines Day? Tell me in the comments below! And no cheating!

The peoples that are in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd get shout outs! Sweet, Valentine shout outs!

Be quick, the deadline is Mar.1 2016.

Have Fun!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


The Winners

The Winners! Which team won in the ‘Do You Believe in Santa’ vote? Congratulations to…

The ‘Don’t Believe in Santa’ Team!! ^_^ You guys deserve… Shout outs!

Great job to…

Soniadcosta26. You should check out her blog at http://www.scribbles50.wordpress.com

Amyloaded. You should check out her blog at http://www.amyloaded.wordpress.com

And last but not least…

Karhats. Definitely check out her blog at http://www.thenotesfrommybook.wordpress.com

And also good job to the ‘Believe in Santa’ team…

Me! (Stories by Sherry)


Jo Smith! 

Good job, Jo Smith! I’m with you!

If you want to try to get a shout out, please enter the ‘Tongue Twister’ contest!


~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Contest Champion { Tongue Twister! }

It’s January, and I thought I would do a fun tongue twister challenge. Here it is!

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a new peck of peppers,where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?


Try to say this as fast as you can, and with a timer, time how long it took you. NO cheating! If you made a mistake, say the whole thing over again. Try to win, and get a shout out! ^_^

The deadline is Jan. 31, 2016!

Let’s see who’s the Contest Champion!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Contest Champion { Your Believe }

Hey guys! This is a voting contest. Well, it shouldn’t be called a contest, but…whatever. Anyway, Christmas is almost here! Ho,ho,ho!

This voting is for what we believe. Do you believe in Santa? If you do, then say yes. If you don’t, that’s fine! This is a contest for what you believe. At the end of this month, I will see witch team wins. You either go to the “Don’t¬†Believe Santa Team” or the¬†“I Do Believe In Santa Team.” It is your choice!

Quickly decide! Only a month of time!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


The Shout Outs

Hey Guys! Time is up! Now I will announce the winner for the Halloween contest.

Congratulations to Lindsay, also my friend, for winning FIRST PLACE IN THE CONTEST!!!!! She got 69 pieces of candy!

Also congratulations to Hnarkn11, for winning SECOND PLACE IN THE CONTEST!!!!! She\He got 33 pieces of candy!

And last but not least…

Valerie Collins! She is a WordPress friend of mine, and congratulations for winning THIRD PLACE IN THE CONTEST!!!!!

Good job to all of you! Everyone, give them a round of applause!!!



~Stories by Sherry ^_^


Contest Champion { Most Candy }

Hi Everyone! Today I gave out a contest. Since it had been Halloween a few days ago, I figured that probably most people went trick or treating. I decided to do a contest about¬†candy. Who doesn’t like candy? Everyone likes candy! For this challenge, you have to count all the candy you got for Halloween and comment down below how much you’ve got. The first three people that got the most candy will get shout outs! Remember, you have only one month of time. When a month is over, I will look at all the comments and see who won 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place! (You have to be honest and say the real number of how much candy you got!)

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

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