My Hope for the World

I always think: Why is our planet so polluted? Because people invented mobiles. These great machines help us, but hurts our planet.

Whenever I ride a plane, when I look down, I don’t see our trees, I don’t see any colorful, I don’t see anything natural. All I see is cars and roads and all kinds of grey buildings. It seems like I’m looking into an old video from the 1900s. Our world looks ruined! Why,why why why do we have to use cars? Why did our world turn like this? Everyone counts, every piece of garbage counts!

I really wish that our world could be healthy again. Just like our body, even when you smoke, your lungs turn black and unhealthy, stop smoking! Your lungs would go back healthy and strong again. Even though I know that people would never stop using cars, the more time passes, the more polluting creations we make. I’m pretty sure, in the future, everyone would be traveling in the sky and our roads would be a waste! But can that be fixed again? Can we dig out all the roads around the world and plant trees and flowers instead? I doubt that.

I know you might think I’m thinking crazy, but everyone just wants to make it as much as they can! Have you heard of the astronauts who went to Mars? They went to investigate to see if we can live on that planet, since earth is getting more and more polluted! I know that one day, one day, our beautiful earth would be ruined and everyone will have to go to Mars. And our lives would be ruined if we can’t live on Mars! I don’t want that!

I hope that we can try our best to change this, ride bikes to work on sunny days, and only drive when it’s pouring rain. I hope our world would get better, healthier, and still trust us to live on it.

This is my hope for the world.