Find The Owner

Ellie felt awesome. It was a warm sunny day, and she was on her way to the playground to play! Ellie can barely contain her excitement.

She skipped on the sidewalk, flashing a smile to whoever she saw and humming to herself. I’m going to the playground! I’m going to the playground! Ellie thought happily.

After a short 10 minutes, Ellie finally reached the playground. She squealed and ran towards the swing. But before she reached it, Ellie stumbled and fell! Oops! Ouch! But Ellie was a big girl, so she got up and pretended nothing happened.

When Ellie got up again, she saw at the side of her eye something shiny on the ground. Humph. Probably a rock that tripped her. But Ellie still decided to get a closer look.

Ah! It was no rock at all! It was a beautiful bracelet, made with glimmering rainbow beads with stars. Ellie loved it immediately. She slipped it on her wrist.

Ellie bolted up the stairs the second she entered her house. She was going to hide the bracelet.

Ellie entered her room, panting. Where should she keep the bracelet? In her closet? No. It would get lost. Under her bed? No. It would get lost. Oh! How about in her—

Just then, Ellie’s mother entered her room. In a rush, Ellie hid the bracelet behind her back, accidentally hitting her leg by the table. She held back a scream.

“What’s the rush?” her mother asked.

Ellie panicked. Should she lie? If she told her mother the truth, she would make her find the owner and return it. She didn’t really want that.


Hey guys! How do you like this story? Tell me in the comments below what you think Ellie should do.

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


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