Reverbnation Browse

Reverbnation Browse! Please read carefully.

The music teacher at my school, Mrs. Garrett has an account on Reverbnation Browse. It’s a site that you put own written music on.

Mrs. Garrett’s musics are great! I was bored today, and I wanted to listen to a few. And the children who were singing were my class, Mrs. Garret’s class, and Mr. Campbell’s (another teacher) class! Gods, we sound AWESOME! ( I think 🙂 )

So you have to go on! Search up ‘Reverbnation Browse’ go on it’s Search, and write ‘ Susan Garrett’ at the bottom it says : Children  Richmond, BC CA

Listen to our music! There is ‘We are Canadian’, ‘Sail Away’, ‘We Remember’, and MANY more!

Thanks for listening! ( IF you did) 😛

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Blog Award ^_^

OK…so I saw many people doing this, and I have no idea how it’s SUPPOSED to be done, but…whatever (LOL) . Let’s get started!

I wanted to recommend a few awesome blogs around. And that would be the blog award, to whoever that I nominated.

Great Job, bloggers! 😀






Haha, all my nominators are GIRLS! Go girls!

Also, please understand that you are not rated the way your order is in. I just wrote the first that popped into my mind. You ALL have awesome blogs!!!

Now, I want to ask a few questions:

  1. How important do you find your blog? Rate 1-10
  2. Why did you want to start a blog?
  3. Have you ever had a crush before?
  4. Have you ever though like: Oh, why did I start a blog??? Such a waste of time! Ugh!
  5. How honored do you feel with this blog award?

Ok! I guess this is the end. You’re Welcome, nominators! You’re Welcome! 😛

Smile, 🙂

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Recommended { Tayla’s Blog }

Hold on, before I get started, let me tell you…I know I’m supposed to follow my routine, but I think I should start it on Monday. So, whatever.

I have this great friend called Tayla, and she has a blog too! She does many cool things. She writes stories, do her opinions, journals, mysteries… be sure to check it out! Especially her mystery!

Go to this link:

It’s great!!! 🙂

~Stories by Sherry ^_^


WordPress Chat


Many of my classmates, Tiger, Terence, Bobby…they always chat on my blog. And it takes me a million years for me to delete them. They’re all junk. So, guys, if you want to chat, chat HERE! IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST! CHAT ALL YOU WANT!

Got it?

~Stories by Sherry ^_^



In school, I learned about D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E stands for Drugs, Abuse, Resistance, Education. It also stands for Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate.

In D.A.R.E, we learned about alcohol use, smoking, pressure, bullying, empathy…many, many, others. Our D.A.R.E officer’s Constable Kandola. She’s a great teacher.

Kids, you will find D.A.R.E  important. It guides you, and helps you. Smoking is really bad for your health. Did you know there are 200 dangerous chemicals in cigarettes?

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Hello Again, WordPress

Hi, EVERYONE! I missed you guys so much! I didn’t get to use my blog for a loooong time because I was grounded. Ugh. But now that I’m over that, I get to use my blog again!

Hello, WordPress!

I will be writing stories and other stuff on my blog from now. Well, unless I get grounded again. LOL.

Oh, right! I still need to do Past to Future Part 4! and The Quest for the Three Fairies! Dang, and I can’t forget the contests! And the challenges! And the…!

In a hurry,

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

Who am I? ( Solved )

I rule many places

viewed by many faces

I speak with an accent

that’s heard very frequent

in the United Kingdom


I’m now old

but not yet out cold

I’m the second

the first one’s in heaven


Please guess me right

Last hint: most of the time, I’m out of sight…

Hey Guys! Try to guess what it is! Winner gets a shout out! Good Luck.

*This riddle has been solved by Charlotte Graham ( Great Job! ),she deserves… A SHOUT OUT! Definitely go check out her blog at

~Stories by Sherry ^_^




Happy New Year!

Boom! Time sure goes by fast. It’s now 2016! Happy New Year!

I  miss 2015, but I know there will be even more fun things happening in 2016. Do you have a goal for this year? If you feel like it, you are free to comment down below!!^_^

La, la, la, Happy New Year!!! ^_^