The Real Story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Do you know the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Well, the one I’m about to tell you is the real version…

Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy. He would go up the hill and watch the sheep and the village below. He was a kind and honest boy.

One day, a wolf came, and was about to pounce on one of the boy’s sheep when the boy cried:”Mr.Wolf! Please don’t eat my sheep! I’ll give you one every week, and I won’t tell the villagers. Just don’t eat them all at a time!” The wolf slowly nodded, and made the deal.

Every week, the boy would give the wolf one of his precious sheep. He was sad, but he had to give them in to keep his own life. Months passed, and the boy had only 5 sheep left. One day the villagers came and noticed that there was only a few sheep left. They asked the shepherd boy, and he, as his honest self, told them about the wolf, and said he was really sorry. The villagers were furious, so furious that they killed him.

This is the real story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He betrayed his villagers and fell for the wolf, just to protect his own life, but stilled ended up dead.

Chance for a Challenge {Tongue Twister }

Today is an ordinary day, so I decided to do a…CHALLENGE! Today’s challenge is Tongue Twister. Here are some that you could try:

  • Clean clams crammed in clean cans
  • Willy’s real rear wheel
  • A big black bug bit a big black dog on it’s big black nose!
  • Black background brown background

Did you have fun trying these out? I hope you did! ^_^


Friendship matters

Don’t let someone else’s heart shatter

Friendship is a special key

Everyone together like a family of bees

Friends together

the more the better


Friendship is important no matter who you are. Everyone needs a friend. Don’t judge others by their size, but by their heart. Who cares if they look ugly on the outside? They might be as beautiful as the spring on the inside. How would you feel if you looked different from others on the outside, and also get judged differently? I know how it feels. There was a girl who used to be in my school, but now she transferred just because people treated her differently, being mean and ignoring her.

Friendship matters.






Something New { Advice Column }

Hi Everyone! I will be starting something new today. Eventually, there can be some problems in our life, and we might need some help of advice so I decided to start an advice column!

Whenever you have a problem or need advice, just comment down below and every week I will check on the comments and give you advice!

I really hope you like my idea of starting an advice column, since I thought I could help some of you to get through problems in your life. Also, please ask problems easy enough for a kid to answer!

Ask me soon!


Past to Future { Part 2 }

Tessa just stared at Leonardo in shock, not knowing what to say or how to say it. The old man just stared down kindly at her, as if it was just another normal day when he met a fan that adored his paintings. Tessa slowly backed away from him as if Leonardo was about to strangle her. “Y-you sure your L-Leonardo? Da-da Vinci?” Tessa asked, horrified. Even thought she didn’t want to believe it, the truth was already before her. This man was Leonardo Da Vinci. Tessa was so happy, since she enjoyed painting a lot herself, but she just could never sit still and finish a painting in a day. She knows she can make it little by little, but she just didn’t have the patience for it.

After some time of cooling down, the truth finally settled in and Tessa decided ti just follow Leonardo around for the day. She didn’t know how to go back and she didn’t. Also, Leonardo seems like a kind man. “What’s your name, my girl?” Leonardo asked cheerfully. “Tessa.” Tessa said. “Tessa Shelton.” Leonardo nodded and looked at the sky. “Interesting name. Interesting…” The two kept walking, and Tessa had no idea where they where going. “Where are we going?” she blurted out. “Ah, yes. We are off to finish one of my paintings. The famous Mona Lisa, as I call it. It is my favorite painting of all, everyone is waiting for it.” Tessa’s eyes glimmered. She was going to see Leonardo paint the famous Mona Lisa painting!

After a while, they came to Leonardo’s workshop. It looked like it was afternoon, the perfect time to paint a painting. “Where is she?” Leonardo muttered as he entered his workshop. “She’s always here before me.” The two of them sat in a chair and had a little chat. Before they knew it, hours already passed, and Lisa was nowhere in sight. Leonardo stood up, now really worried. “She knew that she was supposed to be here!” he said, his hands in his hair. “This only happened once before, when Lisa didn’t come, but I hope this time it isn’t for the same reason.” “What reason?” Tessa asked, curious. “Last time,” Leonardo said with a sigh. “Lisa got kidnapped by a gang of bandits, for some reason. I’m not really sure, but at least she’s safe now.” “Or not,” Tessa said. “What if it happened again? What if Lisa got kidnapped again?” Leonardo pales, and Tessa knew she said the wrong thing. His expression just said: No. It can’t be.

Did you enjoy Part 2? Oh no, what really happened to Lisa? Mona Lisa? Wait for Part 3. The answers are in the future.


My Dream Breakfast

I woke up to the smell of breakfast. It was bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausages, and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was a sunny Sunday morning, so I can enjoy my breakfast slowly.

I sloppily made my way downstairs, hypnotized by the delicious smell. As the bacon enters my mouth, I could taste that it was nicely made. It was chewy and salty. Delicious. The egg was soft and just about the perfect taste for an egg. The sausage was very enjoyable. It was the best sausage ever, grilled on a barbecue. The orange juice tasted fresh and orangy. It was sweet and had a tinge of sourness. Ah. Definitely freshly squeezed orange juice. And finally, the pancakes. It was a stack of five, topped with honey, whipped cream, and extra strawberries.Wow, my breakfast is so nicely made!

My dream breakfast:




Who am I? ( Solved )

I’m always filled with videos

sometimes mentioned on the radio

I never lose my views

new things coming, as good as new

I’m not a TV

but you can watch me for free

Who am I?

Comment down below what you think the riddle is talking about. Winner gets a shout out! Good Luck!

*This riddle has been solved by Stretchingyourfaith (Great Job!) she\he deserves…A SHOUT OUT!  Definitely go check out his\her blog at

~Stories by Sherry^_^

Why the Sky is Blue

A long time ago, the sky was only gray and no other color. Always gray. Never changes. Not even a hint of blue.

One day, the famous artist, Claude Monet, decided to have a walk on the path from his home. Now, he finally noticed how sad the sky looked with the dull, gray color. So Claude Monet decided to paint it blue with his magic paintbrush.

When he was done, the sky totally changed, now looking natural and happy. Claude Monet grinned from ear to ear.

Even thought now, sometimes our sky can be gray or some other colors, that is when parts of the sky wants to be back in their gray form. But mostly, our sky is blue.

This is why, now, our sky is blue.

Chance for a Challenge { No Thumb }

Who thinks their thumb doesn’t have much use? Well, take this challenge to find out!

As soon as you finish reading this, get tape and tape your thumb to your palm. Now that your thumb isn’t much use, try doing things!

If you want, you can have your thumb taped for as long as you like. But at least have it on for an hour.

Now, what can you do with your thumb? Can you type on the keyboard? Yes, but it will take a long time without your thumb. Can you do pushups? Hard without your thumb!

How did it go after one hour? Comment down below rating 1~10 how hard it was.

Now, do you think your thumb is useful?

Recommended { The Writing Crafter }

Hi everyone! I would like to recommend something today. There is a blogger who followed my blog and liked many of my posts. I would really like to thank Camryn. Camryn is being very kind and it looks like she really likes my blog. So in return for her generosity, I would like to recommend you to go to her blog , it has all kinds of neat stuff that she wrote.

I hope you enjoy reading her blog! ^-^