Chance for a Challenge { How Long Can U Stay Up? }

Tomorrow is New Year!!! I live in Canada, so it’s not New Year yet. Today’s challenge is: How Long Can You Stay Up? In China, families would stay up until 12:00 and do the countdown to New Year. Well, why don’t you try it? How long can you stay up? I will do this challenge myself, and I will share my answer with you. If you think it’s exciting to do this (The Countdown to New Year) You should definitely try this challenge.

I hope you will have fun!

~Stories by Sherry


Chance for a Challenge {Tongue Twister }

Today is an ordinary day, so I decided to do a…CHALLENGE! Today’s challenge is Tongue Twister. Here are some that you could try:

  • Clean clams crammed in clean cans
  • Willy’s real rear wheel
  • A big black bug bit a big black dog on it’s big black nose!
  • Black background brown background

Did you have fun trying these out? I hope you did! ^_^

Chance for a Challenge { No Thumb }

Who thinks their thumb doesn’t have much use? Well, take this challenge to find out!

As soon as you finish reading this, get tape and tape your thumb to your palm. Now that your thumb isn’t much use, try doing things!

If you want, you can have your thumb taped for as long as you like. But at least have it on for an hour.

Now, what can you do with your thumb? Can you type on the keyboard? Yes, but it will take a long time without your thumb. Can you do pushups? Hard without your thumb!

How did it go after one hour? Comment down below rating 1~10 how hard it was.

Now, do you think your thumb is useful?

Chance for a Challenge{Remembrance Day}

Hi everyone! It’s almost Remembrance Day, and I want to do a challenge about it. This is not a contest, shout outs won’t be given, it’s just a challenge to have fun with.

Since poppies are a symbol of remembrance day, I made up a challenge called ” Draw the Poppies”. On remembrance day, when you finished celebrating(if you do) get a paper,pencil, and timer(you can just use a clock) to get ready for the challenge. Set the timer for one-minute. In a minute, try to draw as much poppies as you can, and comment down below how much you drew. I will also do this challenge, and yes, I will also post a comment on how much I got.

If you prefer a more challenging challenge, just comment down below and tell me! Have fun trying this challenge!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

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