The Flying Turtle

Once upon a time there was a turtle. It would always look up at the sky, looking at the birds, wishing he could fly too.

One day, a fairy flew by, and decided to grant the turtle a wish. The turtle wished to fly, so the fairy grew two wings on the turtle’s back. The turtle was so happy, it finally could fly! The turtle would fly into the sky everyday and play with the eagles and other birds in the sky. It was really enjoying it’s time.

Once, when the turtle was playing with his bird friends, the sound of a gun was heard,”Oh no! Oh no! The hunter’s here; the hunter’s here!” an eagle screamed frantically. All the birds in the sky dropped immediately, except for the flying turtle. “Everyone! It’s only a hunter! What’s so scary about that? We could just fly away!” Then, out of the blue, a gun bullet shot out, right at the flying turtle. In an instant, it fell to the ground.

This story teaches us that, even if you got what you want, don’t get too overreacted by it. Or it could lead to bad things.

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Kevin’s Karate Test

Kevin shifted uncomfortably in the back of the car. It was less that ten minutes that he will be starting his karate test! Just calm down! he thought. You know everything you need to show Master! Don’t worry! But Kevin still worried. Will I pass my yellow belt test? What if I don’t? Will I have to retest? Would it be embarrassing? The more he thought, the more he worried. So he just decided to believe in himself and try his best.

When Kevin arrived at the karate studio, everyone was already there. “C’mon Kevin, your late!” the Master barked. Kevin scurried and put his bag in the corner of the room. Then he fixed his yellow belt and started warm up.

Everything went smoothly on the test. Kevin got everything right, but he chickened out a bit when he started rolling. Everything still turned out to be pretty fine.

“Okay, guys! Line up! Same order you came from! Quickly! Or else I’ll take marks off!” the Master yelled. Kevin went to the back row and stood, waiting for the next order. “Okay! Now that the test is over, Oh wow, really? Only six of my students past the test? Yeah, everyone will have to try harder. Anyway! everyone did fine, and the people who passed the test are…..” Kevin winced, prepared for the worse. “Okay! Congratulations, Marcus! You passed the test!” Master said proudly. The boy standing next to Kevin, Marcus, made a fist in the air and retrieved his blue belt. “Congratulations Cathy! You passed your white belt test! Now you’re officially yellow belt!” Everyone clapped. Kevin gulped. Will he pass the test? “Next! Kevin! Wow, you did a great job today! Now you passed your yellow belt test, you’re orange now! Congratulations!” Master gave Kevin his orange belt, and Kevin just stared down at it in amazement. He actually passed the test! Kevin hugged his orange belt. I passed! he thought. I passed! l know I will try harder next time. I will again pass my karate test!

The Legend of the Pink Butterfly

Once a upon a time, there was a magical fairy called Coral. She was the pink fairy. She can make anything turn pink. She was always cheerful and kind, everyone likes her.

One day, an evil enchantress wanted to conquer the world, and she turned everything into butterflies that we see today. But Coral’s magic was very strong, the enchantress couldn’t turn her into a regular butterfly, but a pink one. Do you see a pink butterfly everyday? No. But even when Coral’s a butterfly, she still continued helping others. That is basically how a fairy is created.

Do you want to meet Coral? Well, if you ever see a pink butterfly, try to make it land on your finger. If it does, then tell it your three wishes. Coral’s magic is still strong, even when she’s a butterfly. Your wishes might be granted.

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Who am I?

I start with and s, and end with and s

I’m not the worse, and not the best.

Who am I?

I know the riddle is short, but to me the first line is a big giveaway. Comment down below what you think it’s talking about. Good Luck!

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

We Both Have a Blog!

The door bell rang. Me and my brother rushed to open it. He pulled me back, and I pulled him back. He won, and when he opened the door, we saw a laughing Yoshier. She’s my best friend. She was laughing hysterically, probably by seeing how me and my brother fought for the door. Ugh. He’s such and embarrassment.

“Hi Yoshier!” I said cheerfully. But Yoshier acted as if she didn’t even hear me. “Guess what Sherry!” she said, jumping like a chihuahua. “I have a blog!” I was pretty surprised to hear that, but I feel proud at the same time. “Really?” I said. “Then lets go check it out now! C’mon!” I dragged Yoshier up the stairs, and when we got to the computer room, she said:” We looked at her blog for a few minutes, it was pretty interesting. Then, I gave her a high-five. “Congratulations!” I said, “Now we both have a blog!” We happily cheered.

Hi guys. Yes, it’s true. My best friend Yoshier(I know the name is weird) has her own blog. It looks pretty similar to mine, and I say that you should visit it at

~Stories by Sherry ^_^

A Halloween Story {The Haunted House}

There was a man, who’s soul didn’t want to leave the world yet, since he had died in a bad way. There was revenge that he was seeking. Someone had betrayed him. His soul was going to punish him. The ghost then went inside the house.

This house used to be a lovely home. It lived a family of two people, a man and his wife. The ghost went inside easily, since he was made of air and was invisible. First, it flicked the lights on and off, and that made everyone freeze. Then the ghost started screaming. The sound was piercing, and  the women passed out hearing it. The man ran towards the next room, but the ghost blocked him. It faintly appeared and disappeared, and the man was absolutely white-faced. Then the ghost went invisible again, and started moving things around. A chair got knocked over. And a flower vase shattered. The man was horrified. The ghost touched him, and that was the end of it. The man died from fear.

An amusing smile came to the ghost’s face. It’s revenge was complete.

This story had been passed around, and the house was said to be haunted. There was even news saying that the ghost would always linger by the window, waiting for the next person. Every year on Halloween night, there was spooky sounds to be heard from that house. The Haunted House.