Past to Future { Part 4 }

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Tessa screamed. It was quite a fall. At the bottom, there was Leonardo, examining some marks on the wall.

“Hmmm..” he said. “What is it?” Tessa asked. She examined to walls too. The marks looked like arrows that formed a little square, all pointing in the same direction…

” Hmmm…!” Tessa said excitedly. She ran her had over the wall, and felt a crack. She opened it. Ah ha! There was a secret passage! “Smart child! ” Leonardo said. They went through it.

On the other side was Leonardo’s workshop, and that caught both of them by surprise. What? How is that  POSSIBLE??? There wasn’t a hole in Leonardo’s workshop!

Even more surprising, was the fact that Lisa, Mona Lisa, was sitting calmly in a chair, staring out the window, waiting  for the arrival of Leonardo da Vinci.

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Asking for Bravery

Have you ever been so scared, you wanted bravery so badly? It happens to me so often, since I am always scared. My name is Jason. This is my story.

I always ask my mom, why am I basically feared of everything? My mom said that was the way I was born. Ugh, I don’t like being scared. But I’m just like that. I hate that answer.

Today I woke up, ready to start my day. Since it was winter, the room wasn’t as bright. I started shivering, and hid under my covers. What if there’s a ghost out there? With no choice, I put my covers over my head and slowly, without a sound, walked to the light switch. I flicked it on, and— Whew, there was no ghost. Thank the gods.

When I arrived at school, my teacher Mrs.Lee said there would be a math quiz. Oh no! I wasn’t prepared. I felt like I was turned inside out. Beads of sweat appeared at my forehead. When Mrs.Lee gave me my test sheet I was feared to death. Well, almost death. I started crying. I know a boy shouldn’t cry, but I was too scared. I was too scared to get a bad mark.

Mrs.Lee did talk to me, but that didn’t make me feel better. She said I need to be brave.  There are many other things like this that happened, like the time when my friend hid behind the wall and scared me, and I instantly fainted; the time when I was scared to go to the washroom in the middle of the night on my own; the time when I was scared to sleep alone in my room.

Well, that was years ago, and now I’m me. I got braver. I wasn’t that scared anymore. My name is Jason. This was my story, asking for Bravery.

Learn from stories,

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Rumor has it… I won’t gossip AGAIN. EVER! Ok, I’ll calm down. My name is Alexa. This is my story.

“Hey, did you hear that Sophia Davis slipped on a Jell-O and fell flat on her face? Guess who told me? Reyna told me. She said Ella told her. Ella said Jessica told her. Jessica said Angie told her. Angie said Rachel–” I was cut short. “Ok already, Alexa! You know it’s kind of boring talking about these things every day? Let’s talk about something else.” Ada said, rolling her eyes.

I gave her the stink eye. I don’t know why but I just turned and walked away. I could feel her scowl, but Ada didn’t come after me. After a few weeks, we eventually broke up.

Though, even that, I still liked talking about rumors. Since I work for the school newspaper, I decided I could edit a few things about RUMORS. GOSSIP.

The next day, my other friend Zoe said Mia told her that I, Alexa kicked the principle, Mrs. Jones, in the butt. You could tell I was surprised. I put my hands on my hips. ” Zoe,” I said slowly. ” Who, told you that? ” Zoe slowly backed up. ” Okay, okay. Don’t get mad. Alexa! Emily told me!” I ran off to look for Emily.

Friends are like a train. Emily told me Jenny told her that, and Jenny said Yolanda told her that, and Yolanda said Bella told her that, and so on. But when I asked Amy…

“Amy, who told you the rumor that I kicked the principle in the butt?” I asked. “Oh. Ada told me.” she replied. I was caught off guard by hearing that. I stormed off. I’m getting you, Ada.

When I saw Ada walking in the hall with the popular girls, Simmy, Megan, and Hayley, I went up, to Ada, about to yell in her face, when Hayley said: ” Hey, Alexa? Ada told me you kicked Mrs. Jones in the butt? And got detention for a month?” The group started laughing. Ada had a smirk on her face.

They did hurt my feelings pretty bad. And I regretted telling Ada the rumor about Sophia. I get that rumors can hurt you.

I will never spread rumors again. Never.

My name is Alexa. This is my story.

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I forever promise I will keep a promise. My name is Elizabeth. This is my story.

It was the day of my friend’s birthday. I was the only one that she invited, since I was her only friend. But, at the same time, my aunt and uncle were coming to visit all the way from Australia, and I hadn’t seen them in years. Also, they said they had a special surprise.

I was torn between the two. I really wanted to see the surprise, but I promised my friend I would go to her birthday party. I promised. And, if I didn’t go, her birthday would be ruined. She even said she bought a big mango cake for the two of us.

I finally made a decision. I will not go to the party, but that meant I broke the promise. I know she trusted me as a friend, but I guess I should just let our friendship break and ignore her. Whatever.

My aunt and uncle’s surprise wasn’t very surprising. It was a rare box of chocolate. Not very exciting.

The next day at school, I saw my friend. I tried to hide my face, but she came up to me, crying. “Elizabeth, why didn’t you come to the party? Why? I was just sitting at the table, waiting. I waited for hours!” Before I could say anything, she ran off.

I tried to forget about this, but it’s still in my head, after 12 years. I remembered the promise I broke. I remembered the friend I lost.

I forever promise I will keep a promise. My name is Elizabeth. This is my story.

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Find The Owner

Ellie felt awesome. It was a warm sunny day, and she was on her way to the playground to play! Ellie can barely contain her excitement.

She skipped on the sidewalk, flashing a smile to whoever she saw and humming to herself. I’m going to the playground! I’m going to the playground! Ellie thought happily.

After a short 10 minutes, Ellie finally reached the playground. She squealed and ran towards the swing. But before she reached it, Ellie stumbled and fell! Oops! Ouch! But Ellie was a big girl, so she got up and pretended nothing happened.

When Ellie got up again, she saw at the side of her eye something shiny on the ground. Humph. Probably a rock that tripped her. But Ellie still decided to get a closer look.

Ah! It was no rock at all! It was a beautiful bracelet, made with glimmering rainbow beads with stars. Ellie loved it immediately. She slipped it on her wrist.

Ellie bolted up the stairs the second she entered her house. She was going to hide the bracelet.

Ellie entered her room, panting. Where should she keep the bracelet? In her closet? No. It would get lost. Under her bed? No. It would get lost. Oh! How about in her—

Just then, Ellie’s mother entered her room. In a rush, Ellie hid the bracelet behind her back, accidentally hitting her leg by the table. She held back a scream.

“What’s the rush?” her mother asked.

Ellie panicked. Should she lie? If she told her mother the truth, she would make her find the owner and return it. She didn’t really want that.


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Past to Future { Part 3 }

The two of them waited for 2 more hours. But there was still no sign of Lisa. Tessa decided that they should go look for her. “I don’t know, my girl…” Leonardo said miserably. “Come on!” Tessa said, grabbing Leonardo’s hand. “We have to go look for her! It isn’t better to just stay here!” With too much pleading, Leonardo finally agreed.

They walked on the silent sidewalk. The trees swayed with the wind. It was really late, Tessa had no idea what time it was at home, but she didn’t care. She wanted to find Lisa. Suddenly, they heard screaming. The sound seemed to be coming all around them. “It’s Lisa!” Leonardo screamed. He ran towards a patch of bushes, but before he even got there, Leonardo fell. Oh no! Tessa and Leonardo didn’t notice the hole in the ground hidden my leaves. Tessa quickly went to take a look, but when she looked down the hole. There was nothing but darkness…

She couldn’t see Leonardo, she couldn’t hear anything. What could she do? Well, jump into the hole, of course.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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At the Volleyball Game…

Sara sighed as she entered the gym. Her class was playing a game of volleyball today, where the class is split in two, and the teams try to knock down each others pins with a volleyball. The volleyball net was up, which made it harder.

Sara was feared of balls. Once she got hit in the eye and she couldn’t open it. Another time she got hit in the lip, and it started bleeding. Sara hated volleyball! But it made her feel better when she was being put in the same team as her friends, Lana, Taylor, and Yania. They patted her back and said it would be fine.

The teacher blew the whistle and the game started. Sara stood in front of a pin, her heart beating rapidly. A ball came soaring over the net towards her, and instead of catching it, Sara screamed and covered her head. The ball hit the pin, and the team had three more pins left. Sara felt ashamed, She was letting her team down!

Two games ended, and each team got a point. Now it was time for the tiebreaker. The teacher blew the whistle, and Sara slowly made her way towards a pin. She didn’t want her team to lose. Winning was the only way that would make her feel better, especially since she barely helped with anything in the last two games. Sara’s heart was filled with confidence. She knew she could do it. She believed in herself. A ball came towards her like a rocket, but without hesitation Sara jumped up and caught it. She smiled, and threw the ball over the net. She was doing it!

The game was coming to an end, with each team having one pin left. Most of the people were crowded around the pin, protecting it. Others were throwing balls.

Sara caught a ball, and aimed it for the other team’s pin. All the people guarding their pin had their arms overhead, since people were throwing the balls over the net. A sly smiled came to Sara’s face. She quietly rolled the ball under the net, nobody even noticing. Sara stared at the ball as it rolled and prayed that it would hit the pin. And with a crash, the pin fell. Sara stared in amazement as everyone crowded around her, giving her high fives and pats one the back. The other team moaned and said it was a good game.

When the crowd was gone, Sara beamed at herself. Even though she had a fear of balls, even though she was a bad thrower, even though she hated volleyball so much— She was the one. She helped her team win. She, was the Champion.

The moral of this story is, even though you’re only a small part of the world, you can make a big difference. You might be small, but you could do something big that could change things. Like Terry Fox, he’s only a person in the world, but he helped raise money for cancer research, helped hundreds of people around the world, and now we still do what he did. Even when you’re a small group helping, you can make a big difference. Even a little could make a big difference. Believe in yourself.


The Real Story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Do you know the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Well, the one I’m about to tell you is the real version…

Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy. He would go up the hill and watch the sheep and the village below. He was a kind and honest boy.

One day, a wolf came, and was about to pounce on one of the boy’s sheep when the boy cried:”Mr.Wolf! Please don’t eat my sheep! I’ll give you one every week, and I won’t tell the villagers. Just don’t eat them all at a time!” The wolf slowly nodded, and made the deal.

Every week, the boy would give the wolf one of his precious sheep. He was sad, but he had to give them in to keep his own life. Months passed, and the boy had only 5 sheep left. One day the villagers came and noticed that there was only a few sheep left. They asked the shepherd boy, and he, as his honest self, told them about the wolf, and said he was really sorry. The villagers were furious, so furious that they killed him.

This is the real story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He betrayed his villagers and fell for the wolf, just to protect his own life, but stilled ended up dead.

Past to Future { Part 2 }

Tessa just stared at Leonardo in shock, not knowing what to say or how to say it. The old man just stared down kindly at her, as if it was just another normal day when he met a fan that adored his paintings. Tessa slowly backed away from him as if Leonardo was about to strangle her. “Y-you sure your L-Leonardo? Da-da Vinci?” Tessa asked, horrified. Even thought she didn’t want to believe it, the truth was already before her. This man was Leonardo Da Vinci. Tessa was so happy, since she enjoyed painting a lot herself, but she just could never sit still and finish a painting in a day. She knows she can make it little by little, but she just didn’t have the patience for it.

After some time of cooling down, the truth finally settled in and Tessa decided ti just follow Leonardo around for the day. She didn’t know how to go back and she didn’t. Also, Leonardo seems like a kind man. “What’s your name, my girl?” Leonardo asked cheerfully. “Tessa.” Tessa said. “Tessa Shelton.” Leonardo nodded and looked at the sky. “Interesting name. Interesting…” The two kept walking, and Tessa had no idea where they where going. “Where are we going?” she blurted out. “Ah, yes. We are off to finish one of my paintings. The famous Mona Lisa, as I call it. It is my favorite painting of all, everyone is waiting for it.” Tessa’s eyes glimmered. She was going to see Leonardo paint the famous Mona Lisa painting!

After a while, they came to Leonardo’s workshop. It looked like it was afternoon, the perfect time to paint a painting. “Where is she?” Leonardo muttered as he entered his workshop. “She’s always here before me.” The two of them sat in a chair and had a little chat. Before they knew it, hours already passed, and Lisa was nowhere in sight. Leonardo stood up, now really worried. “She knew that she was supposed to be here!” he said, his hands in his hair. “This only happened once before, when Lisa didn’t come, but I hope this time it isn’t for the same reason.” “What reason?” Tessa asked, curious. “Last time,” Leonardo said with a sigh. “Lisa got kidnapped by a gang of bandits, for some reason. I’m not really sure, but at least she’s safe now.” “Or not,” Tessa said. “What if it happened again? What if Lisa got kidnapped again?” Leonardo pales, and Tessa knew she said the wrong thing. His expression just said: No. It can’t be.

Did you enjoy Part 2? Oh no, what really happened to Lisa? Mona Lisa? Wait for Part 3. The answers are in the future.


My Dream Breakfast

I woke up to the smell of breakfast. It was bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausages, and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was a sunny Sunday morning, so I can enjoy my breakfast slowly.

I sloppily made my way downstairs, hypnotized by the delicious smell. As the bacon enters my mouth, I could taste that it was nicely made. It was chewy and salty. Delicious. The egg was soft and just about the perfect taste for an egg. The sausage was very enjoyable. It was the best sausage ever, grilled on a barbecue. The orange juice tasted fresh and orangy. It was sweet and had a tinge of sourness. Ah. Definitely freshly squeezed orange juice. And finally, the pancakes. It was a stack of five, topped with honey, whipped cream, and extra strawberries.Wow, my breakfast is so nicely made!

My dream breakfast: